Warm Fuzzies

So I said last week that I was going to attempt to walk and knit at the same time and I have to admit that the good old British weather has made that impossible. My plan was to head up to my lovely local forest, take a walk and some photos and then have lunch in the lovely little cafe there – instead, I just took a stroll to my local pub for lunch and didn’t even take any knitting with me (I know!) The weather has not been as cold as it has been in some parts of the states, or as windy as it has been in Europe (especially in The Netherlands!) but it has been quite rainy. I always say that if the British stopped doing things because of the rain we’d never get anything done, but knitting in the wet doesn’t really work.

I have got lots of indoor projects finished this week though. Last week I told you about the lovely phone call I had asking for a gorgeous pair of fluffy fingerless gloves in a delicious shade of black cherry purple to match a bride’s shoes. After the hectic-ness of Christmas I had decided to take a moment to think about my product presentation, and my customer service. As such, these fluffy fingerless gloves were the first to be sent out with some kind of packaging! I have designed a little paper collar to go around the gloves featuring my logo, and web links and washing instructions. This first one has gone out on plain white paper but I intend for them to printed onto gorgeous ‘brown paper’ in the future (unfortunately the pack I have ordered on Amazon has failed to arrive so far). I’d love to hear your opinions! My second little addition to this order was my first little freebie key ring. I made a tiny purple and navy blue bobble hat and attached it to a little key ring. I was really pleased with the results and am looking forward to making a few more of these little guys!

The bride was over the moon with her gloves. I’ve been sent a gorgeous message confirming that the colour matched her shoes perfectly and that the key ring and card I sent nearly made her cry. I can tell you that her message nearly made ME cry. This is why I do what I do!

My other big project at the moment is my daughter’s jumper. Mr B has told me I’m absolutely not allowed to work on any other project until it’s complete! Last week I was struggling to understand the pattern but I have finished the first sleeve. The hardest part is knowing that I’ve got to make the second one identical but, thanks to a lot of scribbled pencil notes in my magazine now, I’m confident that will happen. I’m actually about halfway through the second sleeve but haven’t taken a photo of it yet so you’ll just have to imagine what that looks like.


I’m going to try to get out on my walk before next week. With Imbolc round the corner there should be some better weather as well! Fingers crossed!

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