Winter is Coming

It’s been another few weeks since I last posted, Halloween (my favourite time of year) has been and gone and I truly believe that winter is finally with us. As a knitter I always look forward to the colder months as that’s when my skill really gets a chance to shine.

Getting Ready for the Cold Weather

I have a new favourite hat, my Chunky Beanie Hat with a cool pompom on the top. You might remember that I made one for a friend of mine and I loved it so much that I made myself one as well. This is made with Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in ‘Coney Island’. I got all overexcited when I bought my yarn though and also invested in some Lion Brand Mandala Mill Ends. Mill Ends are basically the ‘seconds’ of the yarn world, maybe the weight is not quite right, or the dye isn’t perfect but you still get a lovely ball of yarn. I ordered a pack of three and was very excited to see what I was sent. I believe I’ve got ‘Genie’, ‘Gnome’ and ‘Spirit’ – one of the things that attracted me to this yarn was that the colourway are named after mythical creatures which definitely appeals to the D&D geek in me. I’ve started making myself a jumper using the ‘Gnome’ and a V-Neck Jumper Pattern by Sian Brown. I so rarely make myself anything the fact that I have a jumper and a hat is very exciting for me.

My previous favourite hat was my Owl Hat which I love to wear at festivals in the summer. I made one for a customer just recently and was so happy to receive some wonderful photos of her sister wearing it! I always love to get photos of my products in their new homes. There’s been a series of lovely graphics going round on social media recently encouraging people to ‘buy local’ to make the seller do a little jig! The only thing that makes me happier than getting an order is being sent a review or a photo so that I know that my work is appreciated.

Love and Warmth

I am feeling quite appreciated at the moment though. You might remember that a while ago I started making a ‘Bully the Bull’ based on the character from the old darts TV game show ‘Bullseye’. My Grandmother asked me to make one for her and I organised with my mum that if I knitted the base she would make his little shirt. I used a Highland Bull pattern I have in my Knitted Farm Animals book by Sarah Keen but tweaked him so that he was ‘wearing’ blue ‘jeans’ and white ‘gloves’. My Grandmother turned 90 last week and was gifted the Bull for her birthday. I didn’t get a chance to travel up to celebrate with her but Mum sent me some lovely photos which I don’t mind sharing with you.

Keeping Busy

I’ve been so busy with work recently. Last time I wrote I mentioned that I was going to start work on a Land Army style Vintage jumper for a friend of mine. I’ve made all the parts now and just need to find time to sew it together. I really love this jumper, and I really hope she does to. If it’s a success you might find this one available to order on Etsy in the future.

The other big job I’ve been working on is for my other guise as Flotsam the Fool’s Circus Workshops. Next month Mr B and I are stilt walking at the Buckfast Abbey Millenium Christmas Food and Craft Weekend and I’ve been busy updating our fairy costumes for the season. I’m intending on creating ‘Icicle Tatter Coats’ in shades of white and ice blue. I’m happy with the results so far, I’ll post photos of our completed costumes when I get there.

Making Plans

Mum also sent me another amazing gift – this week I received this gorgeous spinning wheel. I haven’t ever done any spinning before but Mr B has cleaned it up and ordered some new parts for it so hopefully I’ll get a chance to experiment with spinning my own yarn.

A Vintage Spinning Wheel that will use to spin their own yarn
My New Toy

Do any of you have any experience with spinning yarn? Can you point me in the direction of some good resources?


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