Fluffy Yarn

This week I had an exciting phone call from a lovely lady in Lincolnshire. She’s getting married at the beginning of next month and needs some gorgeous elegant gloves to wear with her wedding dress. She’s wearing a vintage dress with a navy blue jacket and the most amazing purple shoes I’ve ever seen! Lucky for me they’re the same colour as a pair of Fluffy Fingerless Gloves that I made for a customer a few years ago. These were the first pair I made using Sirdar’s Ophelia Yarn and the pair that made me fall in love with this gorgeous fluffy, soft, sparkly yarn. The colourway is called ‘Cherie’ which means ‘Sweetheart’ in French but I think refers to the ‘black cherry’ colour. I’ve been working on these and they’re almost finished. They just need sewing up and packaging. I’m trying to develop more professional looking packaging for my products so watch this space to see what I come up with.

I’ve also decided to send out a free gift with my orders in the form of a little item on a key ring. I’m going to make a prototype for this order and I think I’m going to use the little hat pattern that I use for the Beaver Plushie. You’ll have to check back next week to see if that was a success or not.

A big success for this week was completing the dragon! I’m so pleased with him! He’s pretty adorable and, although I can definitely see improvements that need to be made, he has come out far better than I expected. I have used plastic straws to build a framework for his wings but I might try making a second one with pipe cleaners. I would add a pipe cleaner to his neck as well to make his head more pose-able. I’m not certain how much I enjoy the Tinsel yarn, it’s fiddly, it moults everywhere and if I drop a stitch or have to undo anything it’s basically impossible to find your stitches (although that is probably exacerbated by the ‘Cocktail’ colourway being so dark). I’m going to experiment with the pattern somewhat. I’d like to work the Tinsel stitches with a chunky yarn with a metallic thread running through it. In my head I think, because it’s worked on smallish needles, the chunky yarn with bobble up with the tight gauge and form an almost scale like quality. I have no idea if this will be what it looks like in practice but I’m going to enjoy finding out. My alternative idea (actually it’s the idea of my lovely arty friend) was to do the complete opposite and choose a fine lacy weight yarn which will (in my mind) produce a weblike lace effect between the wing ‘fingers’ (or ‘wingers’ if you will) giving it an ethereal or possibly undead look (I’m imagining the Viserion Ice Dragon from Game of Thrones or a Dracholich from D&D). If anyone has any experience or other ideas then do pop them in the comments section below. Either way the original fluffy dragon is now available to buy on Etsy.

I’ve been working with a lot of furry yarn this week (no wonder I’m getting a little bored of it). Sirdar Ophelia gloves, King Cole Tinsel dragon and King Cole Embrace on my daughter’s jumper. I’ve finished the back (after a little bit of initial confusion over the pattern) and have started the sleeves. The pattern for the sleeves is written a little like a maths problem, or possibly one of those IQ test logic problems. “Decrease 1 stitch at either end of the 7th row and then every 10th row after that until there are 51 stitches remaining, if you then decrease 2 stitches at the ends of every 14th row at a rate of 8 stitches per minute how many passengers will there be on the 8:15 train from Platform 9 ¾ ?” – I know it will make sense as I go along but I find it hard to imagine it in my mind. I thought the sleeves were going to be a bit of mindless stocking stitch (so I can catch up on Peaky Blinders!) but I suspect they’re going to take a little more concentration that I first anticipated…or perhaps not…my brain can’t fathom it when it’s written out like that!


If you thought that was complicated, next week I’m planning on writing about the gorgeous knitting bag that my mother-in-law bought me for Christmas which will involve me experimenting with walking and knitting AT THE SAME TIME! Wish me luck!

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