Animal Hoods

This week I have been trying to be a bit more efficient around the house by having a clear out post-Christmas. It’s been long overdue really but the addition of extra goodies from Christmas has made it fit to burst.

One of the lovely goodies that I got at Christmas though was a gorgeous hat/scarf/gloves combination that my mum knitted for me. I make scarves with pockets myself but have never ventured into the realms of adding the hood. It’s an interesting accessory and I have been wearing it a lot since I picked it up. It’s been made with the Wendy Merino DK Scarf Hood pattern.

She also made the fox version for my fox-mad daughter. I particularly like the paws on the pockets of this one. I believe she also has the pattern for the Badger but Mr B has been saved a fate worse than a badger scarf.

You’ll notice that neither hood has ears. My mum made the ears and gave them to us separate for me to add myself. She couldn’t manage to pin them in place correctly whilst wearing the hood herself. I’ll post further photos when I’ve finished them up.

This week I have also continued my other projects. My Dragon has a whole wing now. The green sections have been folded into tubes and had plastic bendy straws inserted into them. This gives the whole beast some structure and also makes his wings ever so slightly moveable. I like him, but I think I would like to have a go at making another one without the Tinsel yarn. It’s difficult to use (heaven forbid you drop a stitch – there’s a section of wing where I dropped some stitches and just had to grab any sections I could and hope for the best), it gets everywhere and I’m actually not 100% certain I like the fuzzy effect personally. I quite like the ridge down his back but the wings might be a step too far.

I have also completed the front section of my daughter’s jumper. I’m really pleased with it so far. I’ve put off making jumpers for my family as I tend to get bored of large projects quite quickly. I have made a single large jumper for Mr B but either my gauge was off or the pattern was slightly wrong as it resulted in a jumper with very long arms. He likes it and wears it nonetheless but it has put me off trying again. This time around seems to be going a whole lot easier.


That’s it for this week though. I actually started making a goat hat whilst I sat in the Dr’s waiting at the end of last week but they were so efficient I only managed to knit two rows so there’s no point in showing you. Perhaps I’ll have more next week.

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