Egg Cosies

Here we are in the first week of 2018 and I have to say that I’m glad to be back in the old routine. As I type this Mr B is busy taking down the Festive Decorations in the hopes that my living room can return to it’s normal state. I do like the Christmas period, and I love the fact that, very often, you can do nothing but relax, but my favourite thing about Christmas is the renewed sense of focus I feel when it’s all over.

I wanted to take a moment to write about some gorgeous presents we received this year in the form of felt animals from Jungle Shoes of Totnes. They had a stall at Exeter’s Christmas Market this year and we had a lovely time looking at all the funny animals. You can imagine our delight when our good friends bought us each one at Christmas.

Mine was a lovely seahorse. I’ve love seahorses since seeing them at Living Coasts (where said good friend used to work), I had never realised quite how haphazard they are when it comes to getting around. They sort of hang on to their surrounding with their tails and then suddenly one will make a decision to move and wobble, out of control, in the direction of something else to hang on to. I have sympathy for them, I’m not a great swimmer either! The felt animals are designed to be egg cosies. Egg cosies are a ‘thing’ in the knitting community although I’ve never known anyone who actually cosies their eggs when they eat them. They’ve always felt like a unnecessary Easter novelty. So yesterday, to celebrate T being back at school I cooked myself my favourite brunch (since I like eating them for breakfast AND lunch!) of soft boiled eggs. I did use the Sea Horse to keep my spare egg warm and it certainly did the job. Although he was a bit big on the plate so I did discard him eventually so as not to get food all over him. Here’s a lovely picture of him keeping my eggs warm though. If you study the photo well enough you’ll find that I also do not own any egg cups and so eat my eggs out of shot glasses. Make of that what you will!


Mr B doesn’t like eggs though so the idea of his egg cosy keeping a soft boiled egg warm was somewhat disgusting. He can manage a Spanish omelette from time to time and I witnessed him eating a mouthful of scrambled eggs some months back but boiled eggs are just not his thing. The Jungle Shoes website states that the cosies can also be used as a Christmas Decoration so for the latter part of the holiday his goat has adorned the top of the tree. I had to take a very quick snap of him this morning before the tree was un-decorated and put back in the cupboard under the stairs (I’ve stated before that Mr B doesn’t like Christmas so he takes a particular pleasure in this part of tidying up). The goat is gorgeous. I love his horns. Mr B was once given a pair of real ram’s horns which he has screwed to a yellow hard hat and wears as part of his Dragon Stilt Costume – he also likes to get them out whenever he gets the opportunity – Minotaur, Viking, a particular favourite was his dystopian tiefling warlock costume which I’m forbidden to show you the photos of!

The third and final animal was a lovely mouse given to T. You’ve met her two pet mice before so this was ideal. I was trying to find it this morning so I could utilise it in a photo of the animal’s use as a ‘bottle topper’ but, being an almost teenager, it was virtually impossible to navigate her bedroom floor, and even if I could get in there I’ve no idea where she’s currently secreted it away to so you’ll have to make do with this photo I took on Christmas day of the three of them with the awesome Dragon fruit bowl that what also a gift from the same friends.


In knitting news, I’ve been continuing work on T’s jumper and finally picked up the Reindeer I was working on again but I haven’t really progressed far enough to be worth showing you. You’ll just have to wait til next week when I’ve also got an amazing yarn bag to write about too.

Looking around the house is considerably less festive so I should probably pop off and go help with the last few decorations. Have a great week!

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