Oh My Fur and Whiskers

When I was first setting up my little knitting shop I needed to come up with a brand. In those days I was heavily focused on knitting aromatherapy pillows to help with insomnia (They are currently being updated and will be available again soon!). I needed a name that reflected by my knitting, and the herbs that I was growing and using. I settled on the word ‘Sylvan’ from the Latin ‘Silva’ meaning ‘a woodland’. The word ‘Sylvan’ describes both the woodland, and the inhabitants – both earthly and otherworldly. Once I had a name, I needed a logo so I approached my lovely artist friend Catherine Archer-Wills to help me design one.

When I was a little girl we looked after my cousin’s house rabbit for a couple of weeks whilst she was on holiday. He was a gorgeous black and white rabbit called Speedy, and he spend two weeks bouncing around our garden in the sunshine. When she came home she couldn’t bring herself to take him back to the balcony that he usually lived on. My parents weren’t sure whether we really wanted a full time pet but my cousin assured them that he was already 7 years old, which was old for a rabbit, and that he would probably only live for short amount of time anyway. I begged them to let us keep him and they agreed. He lived to be 14 – it was like he had a new lease of life and I have so many fond memories of his antics.

I have always loved rabbits and hares, so when I came to choose a ‘Sylvan’ creature the Moon-gazing Hare seemed like the perfect bridge between earthly woodland creatures and otherworldly fey folk.


You can imagine my joy this week in getting an order for a Rabbit Ear Hat. I made the first one of these hats back in March for myself. We took our Circus Workshops to Cornwall to teach children whilst they took part in an Easter Egg hunt and this hat was perfect. I don’t know if you remember Easter this year – it snowed in the South West for the first time in years! I wore this hat and it definitely kept me bouncing, even in the cold weather.

The hat is based on a pattern by Sarah Dennis. Once again I’m using Stylecraft Special DK in ‘Sandstone’ which is a lovely variegated yarn in brown and cream. I chose it originally because I thought it had quite a natural look to it. The customer described it as ‘heathered’ which I think is lovely. I’m making the inside of the ears in a pale pink. I’ve searched high and low to find out what the yarn I’m using is but the label is nowhere to be seen, and I can’t even work out where I purchased it. It’s a DK Acrylic though, and it’s lovely.


As you can see I’m still in early stages. This post is only a short one as I’ve been developing a sore throat over the last couple of days and it’s hard to think. Knitting is like meditation for me, I can manage that whatever state I’m in, but typing is proving a little too much effort. I’d love to hear about any remedies though, I could do with shifting this as quickly as I can!

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