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It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and autumn is well and truly here. The Autumn Equinox has been and gone and, in my part of the UK at least, we have been treated to glorious golden sunshine. We’ve been working hard on the allotment, harvesting our crops and getting things ready for all the big changes we’re going to make to it this winter (The Revolution as Mr B calls it). We have harvested all our squashes and cleared the old plants away, we’ve dug up the last of the potatoes and I’m in the process of preparing it for the Leeks to be moved in. It’s a bit late for them really but having rescued the seedlings from the overgrown cold frame it seems a shame not to, at least, try to bring them on a bit. The Jerusalem Artichokes are starting to bloom – I’m looking forward to eating them when they’re ready. Mr B has been hacking our massive rosemary bush back and trying to bring on cuttings so we can replant a smaller bush after The Revolution. In the meantime we’re chowing down on carrots, beetroot, parsnips and chard and hoping that our brassicas come on well.


Last time I said I wanted to come up with some Autumn themed keyrings to give away as free gifts. I decided I wanted to make leaves and started with an Oak Leaf pattern I found on Odd Knit. I found that, however fine the yarn and small the needles, I still managed to produce a leaf that was significantly too large to be a keyring. After making several, and tweaking the pattern over and over, I think I’ve settled on something I’m happy with. I have made a few, they are lovely and curly like real crunchy leaves, but I think I might have a go at blocking them so you can see the shape of them better. I’m happy with them but I might also think about making some Halloween themed keyrings for the coming weeks.

Coffee and WIP for National Coffee Day

Other projects I’ve worked on over the last couple of weeks include an adorable Sheep Dog and a gorgeous Pom-Pom hat for a good friend of mine. This has been made to a pattern created by Pixiebell Elfinwear using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in a colourway called ‘Hudson Bay’. I liked this hat so much I have made myself one in ‘Coney Island’ and Miss T wants one as well. I’ve also started on a Land Girl Style V-Neck Jumper using a vintage Bernat pattern using Cascade 220 Superwash in ‘Emerald City’. This is a big job for a lovely re-enactor friend of mine.


Autumn hasn’t brought an end to my work with Flotsam the Fool’s Circus Workshops though. Last week we were in Castle Cary walking in their Children’s Carnival Parade. As you can see I have had to adjust my Butterfly costume slightly to allow for the cooler weather, and have added pink tatters to my stilt covers to allow for the extra height (I moved my stilts up by a whole 4”!). I’ve got some costume making projects on the horizon. This winter we are offering Winter Fairies for Christmas events and I need to create a ‘Jack Frost’ type fairy costume for Mr B and a ‘Elsa/Snow Queen’ style fairy costume for me. Watch this space for news on that.

IMG_20181006_145451796 (2)

In the meantime, enjoy the unusually warm weather whilst it lasts, it won’t be too long before winter is knocking on the door!

A montage of Autumn

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