Catch-up After A Busy Summer

Wow! What a summer! I’ve been so busy for the last few months that I haven’t had a chance to look at my blog even a little bit. I had to reread my last post just to work out where I was at when I wrote it.

You guys are probably aware that my other life is teaching Circus Skills to families with Flotsam the Fool’s Circus Workshops which takes up a lot of my time during the summer. It’s been a long and busy one, filled with festivals, summer fairs, birthday parties and many many hours of The Greatest Showman Soundtrack! I can’t talk about every event we have worked at this summer but I can list some of the highlights; Back in July we did two fantastic festivals – Rock Oyster Festival near Wadebridge which was definitely the best festival we did this year. Miss T got to party with Mr Tea and the Minions and we got to party with our lovely friends at Planet Puppets and Walk The Lines. And Yarty Party in Axminster which was Nautical Themed. We had a fantastic day dressed as pirates!

August was so busy there was only six days in the month that we weren’t working or travelling. We visited Torbay Steam Fair and Goldsithney Charter Fair. We spent a week in medieval Wales and a Cosmic weekend at Love Summer Festival for which I got my sewing machine out and made Mr B a space themed waistcoat. I was quite pleased with it, I’ve never made a waistcoat before and learned how to put darts into the material. I used the pattern in the first Great British Sewing Bee book. I still haven’t put buttons or button holes in it yet but since he very often wears it open anyway it doesn’t matter.

In my last blog I wrote about the beginnings of things growing on our allotment, all our hard work has paid off, it has been incredibly successful. I wish I had some photos to show you but I haven’t quite got round it yet. We have been drowning under courgettes and tomatoes and our squash patch is full of beautiful orange and green pumpkins and butternut squash. I’ll try to remember to post some photos over the coming weeks.

I have, of course, been knitting lots over recent weeks but not as much I usually do. I have several projects in progress at the moment which I’m looking forward to getting finished. My current project is a secret (it’s for a friend who may well be reading this post) but I will post about it once I have finished and gifted it – I am, however, also working on a few different things; the reindeer just needs sewing up and I have the pieces of a little brown mouse in progress. She’ll eventually be wearing a little tutu – Miss T asked me to make her a ‘Circus Mouse’ as that was a nickname for one of her pet mice, Acacia. We are, hopefully, getting new mice very soon so look out for that excitement! I also still have a bag of fluffy fingerless gloves that need sewing up and a sparkly purple scarf that I started whilst we were camping which I think Miss T has her eye on.

I also have a short list of ‘Almost WIPs’ (things I’m seriously considering starting rather than all the other things which are just on the ‘to knit list’) which include more dish cloths, some Autumn themed keyrings to give away as free gifts (maybe leaves?), a pom-pom hat, Curlew gloves and a Land Girl Jumper knitted to a vintage pattern!

Phew! That’s a lot to get through! I promise that my posts will be more regular and less rambling from now on. Hope you all had fantastic summers (or winters if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)!

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