Trip to Eden

Earlier in the year Flotsam the Fool’s Circus Workshops worked in Helston, Cornwall and it was on this journey down south that we realised that The Eden Project is only about an hour drive away. Shortly, afterwards we took a trip there and, as part of our entrance fee, we were given Annual Passes allowing us to come back for free any time for the rest of the year.

We love plants and I have always loved The Eden Project. My mum supported them right from the beginning, when we went for the very first time it was just a building site in a stone quarry with a train that took you on a tour round the site. It was hard then to imagine what it would become. When I was a kid we visited regularly but as an adult Mr B and I have only been once, before Miss T was born to see Air and Super Furry Animals in concert.

The Eden Project, Cornwall

This week was the summer half-term holiday and, since we weren’t working, we decided to make use of our free passes and see how much things had grown since our visit in April. The main thing that struck me was the colours in the Tropical Biome. Who knew that so many plants could have pink leaves!

Miss T’s favourite bit was heading up into the treetop canopy look out. I have to admit that I noped out of it. It’s high, it’s made of mesh and it’s suspended on cords. I hate heights, steps with gaps in them and wobbly bridges so this was just a combination that I was not going to enjoy. I did take a photo of them up there though so you can see how high up they were in comparison to myself (and I was not on ground level!)

Two of those black spots are Mr B and Miss T

My favourite bit was visiting Infinity Blue a huge ceramic sculpture by Studio Swine representing a Cyanobacteria. It’s a fantastic installation piece that shoots smoke rings (or ‘Hobbit Rings’ as Miss T calls them) into the air. The children were having a wonderful time chasing the rings.

Another gorgeous piece of art was this gorgeous embroidery by Rebecca D Harris showing microbes on the human body. Each microbe represented by a tiny french knot.

Embroidery by Rebecca D Harris

Whilst in the Temperate Biome I met a lovely lady who was knitting (I can always find the knitters wherever I go) and had a wonderful chat with her about the benefits of knitting and crafting. She told me about a fantastic project by Wild Works Theatre group which I definitely encourage you to get involved with. In July, to celebrate 100 years since the end of WWI, they are putting on a production called 100:Unearth at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. As part of this they are yarn-bombing a torpedo and are looking for people to donate 20cmx20cm blue squares (or blue yarn) in order to achieve this. I have already started my blue squares! If you’d like to make some you can post them, by 22nd June, to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Pentewen, St Austell, PL26 6EN

Following on from my last post I have also put my Curlew Hat on my Etsy Shop so if you’d like to donate some money to Curlews in Crisis and have a lovely warm hat this winter you can get over there and buy one.

I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!

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