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Bunnies and Eggs

It’s that time of the year when spring is really in the air (or, at least, it would be if it would stop snowing!) Last week was the Spring Equinox. It is the point in the year when, here in the Northern Hemisphere, the hours of daylight and night are equal length. Every day from then onwards has slightly more daylight than night time until we reach the Summer Solstice in June. It’s a time of celebration as we can really leave the winter darkness behind us.

Neo-Pagans celebrate Eostre or Ostara which is named after a Celtic Goddess of spring time but is really a festival of the God. He leaves his dark winter aspect behind and turns into his lighter, summer aspect of The Green Man.

Many of the celebrations associated with Ostara are very similar to Easter with many of the same sort of symbols. Hares (or rabbits) representing fertility and eggs to represent new life. We made spicy cupcakes – I know that Simnel Cake is traditional for Easter Time but I’m really not a fan of marzipan so I made cupcakes using similar spices and we decorated them with little chocolate eggs. We also decorated the family alter with daffodils and painted eggs. I’ve never ‘blown’ an egg before so we had lots of fun doing that (and used the egg to make the cakes obviously). The idea was that we would paint images of things we would like to see gain in fertility and new life over the coming months.


Mr D painted little people eating, planting and playing together to represent ‘community’ as he is very keen at the moment to be involved in the local community. He handed out hats and scarves to the local homeless people when it was snowing, has been litter picking down by the local children’s centre and recently went and weeded the wild meadow patch in the local park. Miss T painted her egg as the world with the word ‘Peace’ to represent, quite literally, ‘World Peace’. I wanted my egg to represent positivity which I think is extremely lacking at the moment. I wasn’t really certain how to show it so I have painted it yellow with purple flowers which are my two favourite colours.

Eggs to represent Positivity, Community and Peace

One thing I do that makes me feel happy is obviously knitting and this last couple of weeks I have completed my Bunny Ear Hat which makes me feel intensely positive. There’s something about floppy ears bouncing away on your head that makes you want to jump up and down. I wore it at the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday where our Circus Workshops went down very well. The whole day was fantastic, the tent went up really easily, everyone was wonderfully attentive and the children worked really hard and were enthusiastic even when it rained.

We’ve got Easter Proper coming up this week so I wish you all peace and love and light. See you next week.

Happy Ostara! (Artwork by Hedingham Fair)

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