Snow Day

I’ve woken up this morning to Snowmageddon caused by ‘The Beast from the East’! Cold wind from Siberia is blowing across the UK causing unusual snowy weather. Down here in the South West of the country we hardly ever get cold weather like this (I always tell my Northern friends that I live in a ‘tropical paradise’). We have a small sprinkling of snow this morning but we have a ‘red snow warning’ from The MET office which means that the snow that is going to fall later today could be a danger. We’ve been out this morning to collect supplies (fortunately our lovely Riverford box arrives on a Thursday morning and the delivery man was out early) and are settled in for the day.

Not a lot of snow at the moment – the forecast is for heavy snow to fall this afternoon!

Miss T has settled in to play Oblivion for the first time. We have Skyrim on the family PC but it is currently out of action. We have Oblivion on the old PS3. She’s created a Wood Elf called Harli Castell. (She’s the same as her ranger in the D&D game that I’m running. Harli was named after Harlech Castle in Wales which we visited last year when she was first creating her character.) This is her first time playing an Elder Scrolls game so I feel like she’s in for an exciting snow day!

I’m having a knitting day since there is little else to do. Fortunately, I managed to get all my work related projects finished and (mostly) posted yesterday before the weather hit my area. I have created a lovely green Cthulhu which has gone off to be a birthday present for a lady in Wisconsin. Here’s a photo of him modelling the new dice my brother bought for me. I’m playing a Dark Elf team but I love the ice blue Elf Union dice. Games Workshop haven’t released any Dark Elf paraphernalia yet, I’ve created my team using ‘Elf Ball’ figures from Impact Miniatures. I made my team up of a mixture of their Black Widow, Timberline Elf and Night Elf teams. I’m enjoying painting them.

The other project I have finished and posted is a Lavender scented ‘Relaxation Pillow’ which I have sent to a customer in Maryland who has bought these pillows from me before. Lavender has been used to treat stress and insomnia for hundreds of year and I find these pillows very soothing. I am actually phasing these out though with the plan to introduce ‘eye pillows’ in the future for use in meditation. Watch this space for more information on that.

Lavender-scented ‘Relaxation’ Pillow

I’ve also created another Goat Hat for a friend of mine to give to her daughter. I’ve moved the horns to be located a little further down the front of the hat rather than have them place on the top of the head. The hat is waiting until the weather calms down though so I can meet my friend for coffee and catch up.

My on-going project is to turn all this Sirdar Ophelia yarn into Fluffy Fingerless Gloves. I’ve currently made two pairs in ‘Cherie’, and a pair in ‘Calypso’. I’m working on a lovely pair in ‘Kitty’. I haven’t sewn them up yet – I’ll save that for another day.

Left to right: ‘Kitty’, ‘Cherie’ & ‘Calypso’

I hope you’re all keeping warm where you are!

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