Allotment News

This week’s blog is late as I have been spending a lot of time on our allotment. We’ve have four vegetable plots and three fruit plots and they take a lot of work to maintain. Mr B is on a Hippy Kick at the moment, he is really desperate to try and cut out the amount of waste we produce. The first stages of this have been to start ordering a meat, veg and fruit box from Riverford Organics and he’s also put in an order from The Soap Kitchen for various oils and waxes so that he can make all our toiletries and cosmetics. He and Miss T are currently in the kitchen embarking upon making some soap for the first time. We’ll have to wait a few weeks before we know if it’s a success or not.

Back to the allotment though, as it’s a bit too early to start much we’ve taken the time to build a new two ‘bin’ compost system utilising the bits of wood from the old raised seed bed. It’s not pretty to look at but it’s definitely practical and we’re already using it to store compost. Our previous system used two old black dustbins with holes drilled in the bottom but we apparently produce too much compost for this to be practical. We’re hoping to use them in the future to store garden waste and regular waste at the allotment.

The second allotment mission of this week was to source some horse manure. Mr B found a lovely lady online who was offering bags of manure for free so we took a drive out to her smallholding to collect. It was beautiful, I would love to own a place like that. In the future we have hopes that our house in France will be like it but we’re too involved in our businesses, and Miss T is still in education, to really sensibly move to France any time soon. We’re just hoping that Brexit doesn’t mess up our plans to move out there in the next few years.

We collected 18 bags of manure which the lady shovelled herself for us (she was too generous, I was fully expecting to be shown a pile and handed a fork). We’ve transported it to our allotment and have started mulching our soft fruit. One of the veg plots needs manuring too but it’s been too wet to think about digging it recently. With cold weather on the horizon we might have to bite the bullet and just do our best before the ground is too cold to bother again. We have a four plot rotation system so each of our four plots rotate round the following list:

  • Summer A – Peas and Beans

  • Winter A – Brassicas

  • Summer B – Miscellaneous (ie squashes, salad, corn etc)

  • Winter B – Fallow (under black plastic)

  • Summer C – Roots

  • Winter C – Manure!

  • Summer D – Potatoes

  • Winter D – Leeks

So at the moment Plot 1 has leeks in it, Plot 2 has savoy cabbages and purple sprouting broccoli, Plot 3 is covered in black plastic to keep the weeds down and Plot 4 should be under a layer of manure ready for early potatoes to be planted when the weather start to warm up.

Better get on and do it.



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