Spring Half-Term

This week’s blog is a little late. It’s the spring half-term here so I’ve had a busy week. For the first part of the week Miss T was away with her grandparents. I managed to get her jumper finished the day she left so I sneaked it into her case (and crossed my fingers that it fit as I removed the jumper she’d packed and replaced it). By all accounts it was a complete success! My only criticism of the pattern is that it said I would need two balls of the ‘Embrace’ and three balls of the ‘Galaxy’. I only used one and a half balls of ‘Galaxy’ and almost didn’t have enough ‘Embrace’ left to finish it. This has made me slightly paranoid about making one for me as I have no way of knowing if the yarn amounts for the bigger sizes are accurate or not. I have plenty on my ‘to do’ list before I even contemplate making myself anything anyway!

Miss T came back on Tuesday having stayed up until 3am most of the time she was away so we’ve spent the latter part of the week predominantly sleeping (hence the late blog!). I have been doing plenty of knitting as well. Last week I got a last minute order for yet another Cthulhu Dice Bag. The lovely lass asked for it to be made in a ‘Deep Grungy Red’ so I found Caron ‘Simply Soft’ in ‘Burgundy’ which I was pleased with. It’s an Aran weight yarn, where I usually make these in DK, but the only real difference in that the bag comes out ever so slightly bigger than usual (which is only a bonus for the customer). He was sent a little late for Valentine’s Day but the customer said that she didn’t mind as the gift was so perfect.


Valentine’s Day passed us by really. Mr B and I sometimes make efforts to celebrate but only if it fits in with the rest of our life. This year we had decided that we weren’t going to do anything but then he picked up a bunch of flowers in the supermarket when he went shopping anyway. He presented them to me saying ‘There were lots of red flowers but I know that yellow ones are your favourite’ – that there is true love!


My other finished project this week was a goat hat. This was a crazy idea I had right back at the beginning of the year – I knew I was going to be doing a bit of doctors waiting room whilst Mr B was undergoing a routine operation. At that time I was working on the jumper and the Dragon both of which were either fiddly or in a sewing-up stage rendering them too complicated for taking with me, so I decided that I would start a simple beige hat with the plans to turn it into a goat hat. My inspiration at the time came from the fact that we were right in the middle of Capricorn birthdays and I had made a stuffed goat for a friend of mine who has been into goats long before they were cool on the internet. This week I finally added the finishing touches. The hat itself is just a basic ribbed beanie hat made with the same pattern I have used in the past to make a penguin hat and the red/orange/yellow ear flap hats based on a certain cult sci-fi series that everyone loved so much. I utilised the pattern for making ears from a Rachel Henderson Cow Hat pattern and the horns I made up myself based on the tiny horns I’d made for the stuffed goat. They came out loads better than I expected as they have an authentic curl to them (although I inadvertantly made two identical before realising that I wanted a left and a right but since I used garter stitch I have actually just turned one inside out!). I’m pleased with the results. I’ve put it up on my Etsy Store if anyone was interested in me making one for them.

My current project is to turn all the Sirdar ‘Ophelia’ I own into Fluffy Fingerless Gloves so I can experiment with the packaging I have been designing. Watch this space for the results of that

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