A Quick (late) Post

Sorry this post is a little later than it usually is – I’ve been suffering with a lot of migraines recently. A trip to the doctors has revealed that they are probably caused by medication that I take. I’ve been switched to an alternative and have been told to take it easy for a couple of weeks as I may still get migraines while my body readjusts. So I’m trying to look after myself armed with emergency migraine relief and anti-sickness tablets. Mr B has been lovely and has taken it upon himself to ensure that I experience ‘complete relaxation’ – I’m not sure it’s necessary but I do feel better now than I have done in weeks.

The mice are also feeling much better. After a week in solitary Acacia is starting to look a lot better and the scratching has stopped. They are back in the same cage together and, whilst her back still looks sore, she is much more like her old self.

I’ve completed my gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier – I’m quite pleased with the results but I’m still waiting to hear from the customer as to what she thinks. I hope that the plush is enough like her own pet! Let me know what you think!

Staffie 1

I’ve also completed a final fox for a good friend of mine to send to her niece for her birthday. The fox marked the end of my Christmas Orders and a bit of breathing space. I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping, and have ordered up some yarn for a few future projects. I can’t say what I’ve been up to here though as I know some of the final recipients read this blog. I’ll just have to post photos after the big day.


That’s really all I have time for this week. Hopefully I’ll be back on track next week!

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