Worrisome Week

This week has been an anxious one as the littlest member of the Sylvan household has been feeling unwell. My daughter has two pet mice, Acacia and Cloud. Little Acacia Brown has been sneezing for a few days and now she has started scratching herself raw. She’s so miserable, even her sister has been worried about her. Apparently, all mice have mites but they are usually able to keep them under control through regular grooming, if they have some down time (like getting the sneezles) the mites can get the better of them.

Unfortunately, since mice are so tiny the usual shop bought ‘spot on’ treatment is unsuitable for them. Little rodents have to weigh at least 50g to be able to take the dosage, and Acacia weighs only 38g. We bought some Johnson’s Insecticidal Spray and followed the instructions on the can – for little animals spray 1-2 times onto a brush and comb it into their fur. You can imagine how much Acacia enjoyed being brushed with a toothbrush! She was NOT impressed and, as a result, I fear that we haven’t done a good enough job as, here we are two days later, and the scratching has not stopped. We have now ordered some Xeno-50 Mini ‘spot on’ which has a dosage right down to little creatures which should hopefully arrive this morning. We’re going to have to wait out the 7 days that the spray is supposed to work for as I don’t want to overdose the poor little girl and then hopefully she’ll start to get some relief. Bizarrely, they don’t seem to be affecting Cloud at all, which is a good thing as she is the nervous unsociable one. We’re obviously going to have to treat her as well, I’m not looking forward to it.

In the meantime, they’re getting lots of attention and treats to try to distract her from her itchiness. It’s so sad to see her suffer and not be able to comfort her or explain that she should try not to scratch. I’ll let you know how the treatment goes next week – in the meantime send her good wishes because, despite what the government are telling us, she clearly is sentient and is feeling pain and discomfort.


All this has distracted me from the pile of orders I have mounting up which has not helped my anxiety levels. I’ve been so busy knitting. The first project was for two lovely Finger-Loop Armwarmers. A couple of years ago a friend of mine asked me to design him some arm warmers for his girlfriend based on the ones that Rey wears in The Force Awakens. I created what I now sell on my market stall as Princess Arm Warmers. They have sold very well but I noticed that most people who bought them instinctively put them on the ‘wrong way round’. I had created them to have a point at the elbow and cuff that flares over the hand like Rey’s, but most people put the point on their hand (including my friend’s girlfriend). So I went away and recreated them so that they were designed that way. The new design is much more popular and I’ve now put them up on my Etsy shop as well. Back in October I did the Inside Outside Market on Exeter’s Quayside and a wonderful creative lady came along and bought a denim blue pair – she then emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d make a couple of black pairs for her to give to friends for Christmas. I was delighted that she liked them so much that she wanted to gift them herself!


The second item I’ve completed this week is another Cthulhu Dice Bag. I love making these so much! This one has been made in a gorgeous shade of purple to be sent off to Australia. I’ve also made another adorable beaver. I’m busy finishing off the lamb and the rabbit that go as part of this set.


Best crack on with it. Thanks for catching up with me – see you next week.

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