En Vacances

So a couple of weeks ago I posted saying that I was going to France for the half-term holiday. I fully intended to write an informative blog post all about how the Normans introduced the fallow deer to the UK for hunting purposes and how deer are viewed in France. I also intended to show you all the work I did on my knitted deer. However, the flurry of orders has turned into a blizzard and instead I opted to take a different set of animals with me to knit on holiday. I was working on a rabbit and lamb whilst I was away. Hopsy Lapin was completed and now that I’m home I’m busy finishing, sewing and stuffing them before I make them some little outfits. They’ll hopefully be going off to be Christmas friends with a little girl in the States in a couple of weeks.

22788855_1658969247476314_2100634705520270847_nI had a beautiful time at our French farm house. I spent the week catching up with friends and family, eating and drinking and generally resting. The village we live in is very rural but, whilst I saw a lot of animals; dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, cows, snails and even a couple of llamas – I failed to spot a single deer. We are hopefully heading back to France next month so you’ll have to wait until then.

Since returning to the UK I have been working on more orders of Cthulhu Dice Bags. These guys are flying off the needles as when I’m in the flow I can get them made and posted within 24 hours of ordering – although this has relied on Mr B being happy with me spending all my time working and not really helping around the house.

This is what winter is like for us though – and it is officially winter now!  Samhain is the older Celtic festival that Halloween takes a lot of it’s traditions from and would usually be celebrated during the full moon at the end of October/beginning of November. It is officially the end of the harvest season and the old year and the beginning of the Winter. I love winter and it’s traditions, as a knitter I get the chance to get out all my woolly accessories and go trick or treating or watch fireworks. This year we grew our own pumpkin and now have a reputation for having the biggest in the neighbourhood. Our poor wheelie bin has buckled under the weight of this beast and we still haven’t eaten all the flesh despite eating nothing but pumpkin based dishes for days! Any recipes will be greatly received!

I should get back to it though. Writing these blogs is really a distraction from the real work…where did I put those needles…

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